The Chairman speaks


The task and goals of the J.P. Johansson Association are to bring together people who have
a genuine interest in J.P. Johansson and his work and collect his patents and industrial
achievements, his local political achievements and society activities, revive and bring to
life his memory.


This is covered in the first section of our rules and whilst most of us probably know all about
this before it never hurts to be reminded of them. This year we are really going to see to it
that this will be the case. We aim at being seen more in the Enkoping Municipality. We have already started with Håkan Wall’s writing the Bahco story in the local newspaper Enkopings-Posten every second Saturday. These articles will be brought together in a book, which will probably be published and released on June 14, 2008. Below you will find more information
about our increased planned activities:


April 17         The Annual Meeting in the Bahco Restaurant.


May 17          The annual spring excursion which will be to visit the City Hall and the House
 of the Nobility in Stockholm.

May 26-        Culture week in Enkoping. We will participate with information about our

June 1st         activities. We will run a lottery with Bahco tools as prizes.


June 6           The Swedish National Day


June 12         Festivities at the Joar Blå(Blue) restaurant in the evening in connection with

                       the Bahco Day on June 14.


June 14        The big Bahco Day to be held in the Enkoping market place, at the Enkoping
Museum, the Uppland’s Museum and the J.P. Johansson Museum. At the market
place there will be some multi-slide presentations and also present will be some
of those who worked at Bahco for many years. Questions will be answered by
us from the J.P. Johansson Association. The Enkoping Museum will show interes-
ting objects and pictures. All will take place in the biggest tent ever in the market place. The Enköping’s own well-known “son”, Totte Wallin, will be the Master of Ceremonies.

August 13    The Annual Meeting for the Jernhandelns Intresseförening will be held at Bahco.


August 23    The J.P. Day in the market place in Enkoping with the usual program.


August 30    The Regiment Day. We will participate with information. Cooperation with the   
 regiment has already started.


Sept. 7          Participation at the Järnhandelns Day at Skansen in Stockholm.

Sept. 13        Participation in an exhibition and information at the Upplands Museum in Uppsala.


Nov. 7-17     Our big Argentina arrangement, i.e. a journey to Argentina with a visit to the
 Bahco factory.

The above is our program for 2008 and there can be more coming up. I hope you will

visit these arrangements and support our work. Everything will take place in the spirit of

J.P. Johansson and in the “Adjustable wrenches town” Enkoping.


We wish you all welcome!                                             Curt Eriksson


Palladium – Palle Pernevi


Mr Palle Pernevi´s abstract work of the art Palladium at the Municipal Hall in Enkoping
was inaugurated on the 31st of May, 1980. The word “palladium” means two things,
partly an element, i.e. the noble metal platinum which is silver white, shining and pliant as well
as a wonder-working picture, which guarantees the happiness and prosperity of a town. This
hints shown in the Trojan picture of Palle´s Athena, which is falling down from heaven

guaranteed the freedom and prosperity of the town. Odysseus stole it and the outcome was given.


Palle Pernevi is said to be one of the Swedish pioneers in the field of the abstract art, but his

extraction is as a craftsman. However, his ambition was to be a sculpturer and he also became
that, but in the beginning in a traditional style.
However, in the beginning of the 50’s there was a break and a development towards becoming
more and more abstract. He was interested in the art of the primitive people, was fascinated
by the construction of the power lines and inspired by the artists who gave up traditional
painting towards the expressive and abstract.


Palladium is an abstract work of art with room for many interpretations and associations. For example,
Mr. Folke Edwards, the chief of the Stockholm culture at that time, who spoke at the inauguration of
this work of art, saw a heathen axe, a sail filled with wind or a symbol for sensual splendour.


The emigration to America


In the J.P. Bladet No. 1, 1997  it was written about the emigration of the Johansson family. Then it was
told that Anders Bryngelsson, J.P. Johansson’ uncle, had emigrated earlier. The J.P. Johansson Association
has recently in some curved ways got some letters and photos. It can be seen in those letters that Anders Bryngelsson’s emigration was of great importance for J.P:s parents, brothers and sisters to follow him to


Here follows some information about the Anders Bryngelsson family. Anders was born in Eggvena parish
close to Vargarda on the 15th of March, 1836. His wife was Anna-Maja and she was born on the 10th
of June, 1897 in Vastergotland, parish not known. Their oldest child Anna-Stina was born on the 1st of January, 1861. When the family in the middle of 1862 went by a sailing-ship this may have caused difficulties for them.


Anders settled down as a farmer in Nosseland, Neolet, Minnesota. The acreage was probably around 20
(50 acres). In connection with his military service he changed his name to Andrew Felt. In 1901 he sold
his farm and started with juridical work. When he died at the age of 93, he lived in St. Peter in Minnesota.


When Johan Petter´s sister Anna-Sofia emigrated in 1881 she stayed for around a year with her uncle.
From her letter, which she wrote about a month after her arrival, it appears that her uncle had succeeded
very well in the new country.


We have got the possibility to show a photo of the family Felt. It was probably taken around 1885.
On the backside of the photo it says “Engineer Johan Petter Johansson”. The photo shows:


























Oskar Alexander, son                                Born March 25th, 1870.     Dead January 13th, 1906

Emma, daughter                                         Born Januari 16th, 1866.    Dead May 6th , 1933

Anna Stina, daughter                                  Born Jnauary 1st, 1861.     Dead March 27th, 1923

Elsie, daughter                                           Born February 20th, 1864. Dead 4th of March, 1915


Anna-Maja, mother                                   Born July 10th, 1829.          Dead December 16th, 1890
Charlotte, daughter                                    Born March 25th, 1868.      Dead September 13th, 1940.
Andrew Felt, father                                    Born March 15th, 1836.      Dead November 15th, 1929

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